An Up-cycling Fashion Project 

Celebrating Identity & Sustainability 

The Jasmine Wrap 

Our Jasmine Wrap Dress is perfect to show off your waist whilst still maintaining a soft flow. Complimentary to all body types, our wrap dresses are best worn with a slip dress, costume or bodysuit inside. It can be worn as a classical wrap tied around the waist or alternatively take the ties to the back  to create a kimono.

Available in 2 sizes

S to fit size 30-36 UK 6-12

M to fit size 36-40 UK 12-16

A full-length dress sligtly above the ankle depending on your height.

The Majida Kaftan

Majestic and magical: named after one of our project mentors, our kaftan has become a sought out garment. It's light-weight makes it the best accompaniment for a holiday. Perfect over your swimming costume or worn over a slip dress as an outer garment. 

All our Majida Kaftans are free size, as generally with a kaftan and available in various lengths, colours, and fabrics, true to the Sari used to create a one of a kind piece.

The Amira       Kimono 

''Kimono'' is a Japanese word meaning clothing traditionally worn during the Wu Dynasty. Today the kimono has become a worldwide trend worn by all cultures with various modern versions. It is the most versatile garment in our range as the Sari naturally lends itself to its beauty and femininity. The ornate borders and embellishments bordering the sleeves are our signature design together with its fine fabric of either silk, chiffon or a mixture. We provide options in various lengths and have recently added a drawstring waist for a more fitted look. 

Our kimonos are worn for special occasions, festivals, resort wear, and day to evening-wear. 

Our Amira Kimonos are being worn by celebrities, influencers, and conscious women throughout South Africa, Sweden & Australia.

Sizes and lengths differ with each design.

The ornate borders and embellishments bordering the sleeves is our signature design together with its fine fabric of either silk, chiffon or a mixture.

The Bilqees Bomber

Our Bomber Jacket is fun & exciting. A Kaleidoscope of design & colour brought together with a centred zipper. 

Great for all seasons: the perfect accompaniment to your favourite pair of jeans 

Available to fit size 30-36 UK 6-12 . 

The Pure Joy Suit

Stand tall in our PJ Suits. Bright and vivid making it the perfect set for a night out or event. Separate the piece and wear the jacket with a pair of jeans or pants with a tee. 

Available to fit size 30-36 UK 6-12 . 


  A Celebration of Identity & Sustainability. 




Sari for Change design mission is to honour and reuse a sari to create one of a kind pieces; celebrating the intricacies of a sari furthermore motivated by the need to become conscious of the massive waste problem the fashion industry produces. 


We believe in making a difference and contributing to a sacred, sustainable economy for it is not the responsibility of one but all hence the call to individuals to donate their saris for up-cycling, celebrating identity and increased consciousness of our responsibility to the environment. 

At current we focus on five designs: the Jasmine wrap dress, the Majida Kaftan, the Amira Kimono, the Bilqeez Bomber & the PureJoy Suit. 



  Skill Development

Not only do we value making clothes with a small environmental impact, but we also value women empowerment and skills development.  With an unemployment rate of 26,6 percent, Sari for Change acknowledges its responsibility in empowering women to learn a monetizable skill with the aim of going  on to start their own businesses within an incubation period of hands-on mentorship, clothing production and skill development, conducted by Rayana Edwards 

Why the Sari?

The beauty of a sari lies not in the wonderfully meshed together fabrics of silk but in the rich heritage of the sari worn by millions of women on a daily basis fitting to the environment, context and culture. 


The Sari or Saree is a garment traditionally worn in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Traditionally it is a single piece of unstitched fabric ranging from 4 to 8 metres in length, varying in density for varying drapes, typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder. Today the production of a sari extends to include textiles woven by a mill, or by hand including silk and cotton, more recently including crepe, georgette, chiffon, charmeuse, and satin. Each garment produced is one of a kind, containing an array of fabrics, colours, design, and beadwork. 

It can be an heirloom passed down through generations or a functional garment worn every day. It is seen on streets, runways and has influenced fashion designers across the world. We are honoured when a sari finds a second home with us at Sari fotfor Change 

Backdrop to the Initiative 

A mother to five daughters, a sustainable consultant, entrepreneur, life coach and community change agent.

Rayana Edwards the founder of Sari For Change - A mother to 5 daughters, an entrepreneur, life coach and community chnage agent. She has been part of the clothing retail industry for 35 years at all levels of the supply chain, from owning  several boutiques across Kenya and South Africa, to designing her own brand, focusing on local production,to more recently specializing in the manufacturing industry as a manufacturing and sustainable consultant.  


Sari for Change was born out of Rayana's idea of upcycling saris to use the fabric as a much needed resource. Through a call to the Art of Living, a foundation by the Indian spiritualist Sri Sri Sanker, members were encouraged to contribute their saris to this development initiative.  After the first three months, it rained saries as the adherents responded to the informal call that spoke to their service paradigm. Now instead of sending saris to the ashrams in India, it could be reinvested into this project. As a result of the on going process of sustainability and the donations of saris, a new value chain with the intention to serve humanity began

Rayana Edwards explains the journey of a sari through her training and remaking process. This entails taking a seamstress, an unemployed designer, with entrepreneurial  spirit and place them in a collaborative think tank, exposing them to the clothing factory environment. "I am not selling a product", says Rayana, "that's an aside. I am providing a service in training future entrepreneurs in business skills and needle craft to create their own employment". They either become entrepreneurs, suppliers of a skills or distributors.  I am selling consciousness, connectivity and continuity". Furthermore, Rayana Edwards is a life coach. As much as her work has focused on the outer appearance, Rayana, through her coaching practice, is able to extract a deeper understanding of self. 



You are welcome to visit us at our studio in Northcliff, Johannesburg.


Appointment Necessary


If you have inquiries, please free to contact us via email : or alternatively or fill in the contact form.

If you would like to donate Saris to this initiative please pop us an email so as to arrange delivery. 

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