• Rayana Edwards

The Journey of the Sari

When we receive a sari it would have been gently worn and purchased by its original owner. We honour the intent of receiving this 6 metres of fabric which is draped around the individual's body. After the sorting and cleaning process, we start the garment creation.

The fabric type, the weight and the positions of the embellishment are key factors in determining what new garment will be recreated.

We have 4 standard styles or garment types which we generally have a pattern for.

On laying the sari on the cutting table, the layout is key as we determine where each part of the sari will be placed. One can think of it as a jigsaw puzzle as we use the beautiful parts and match it to the various fabric pieces to complete a garment.

We appreciate each sari as we, in turn, honour the original sari design.

Initially, when we started working with the saris it felt as if the saris spoke back to us..." what do you want to be dear sari?". I know this sounds insane but this is the kind of relationship we form with some of our special pieces.

After cutting from the pattern, we now get it stitched, pressed and trimmed.

The labels and extra embellishments are the last part of the process before it gets tagged with its swing tag and ready for the rail.

Each piece is indeed a masterpiece as it can never be repeated unless we have 2 saris that are exactly the same. What we have noticed is that each garment finds you, as it is normally the first piece you sight or speaks with you that you end up choosing.

We have great pleasure when seeing the joy and pride of a client when wearing their piece elegantly and how they receive compliments in wearing their unique piece.

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